Questions To Ask To Select The Right Custom Home Builder

Custom home plans

Researching custom home builders in Perth can provide you with a shortlist of candidates. However, there are a number of questions that you need to ask these builders before you choose one to work with. These questions will help you determine which builder has the correct expertise and offers the service that you need.

How Long Have They Been In Business?

One of the first questions that you need to ask a custom home builder is how long they have been in business. A long-standing business will generally offer you better peace of mind than one that has just started. As you are going to want guarantees on the work, an older business has the staying power to offer this while a new business could still fold and that will leave you without a guarantee.

Additionally, an older business will have more examples of their work that you can view. It is essential that you view the builder’s previous work to check the quality and see what their past customers have to say. New builders may not have any examples for you to see which means that you will have no idea about the quality they offer.

Do They Guarantee Sub-Contractor Warranties?

Your custom home builder is probably going to have sub-contractors that they work with for certain tasks such as the plumbing and electrics. These sub-contractors should offer you a warranty on the work, but you need to ensure that your builder will guarantee this. If the builder does not guarantee the warranty, this could be a sign that they do not trust the work of the sub-contractor.

Do They Have Insurance?

Before you consider hiring a custom builder, it is important to note that your builder should have 3 types of insurance. The first is public liability insurance which covers a third party such as someone walking past the site as well as damage to any third party property. They should also have employer’s liability insurance which is a legal requirement for any limited company. This will cover any employee who is injured during the job, but it is important to note that many sole traders do not have this cover which makes you liable for compensation and medical expenses should something happen.

The last type of insurance the builder needs to have is contractor’s all-risk cover. This is actually a form of insurance that almost a third of builders neglect, but could land you in hot water. This insurance will cover any building work which is accidentally destroyed before it has been completed or before you are able to cover this with your home insurance policy.

Can You Choose Your Own Supplier

Another question that you need to ask the builder is if you will be able to choose your own suppliers. There are some builders that do not allow this because they want to increase the costs of the supplies to increase their profit. They could also get a kickback from the supplier which is something that you want to avoid because the supplier may not be the best.