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Flexible Work Programs for Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage brokers for most people remain a classic job of being in office or visiting client between 8 am to 5 pm. Could that change with introduction of flexible work arrangement? In business world today, the workforce is shifting towards flexible working arrangements. Business that introduces flexible employment continues to prosper while at the same time improves the quality of life of their employees. Flexible work arrangement gives mortgage brokers greater scheduling freedom in how they fulfill their obligations. Successful implementation of flexible work arrangements will contribute to a conducive and supportive work environment. It will also help to motivate, attract and retain valued mortgage brokers who are committed and dedicated to play an important role in helping their organization achieve its objectives and success.

Primary flexible work programs for mortgage brokers, and their benefits

Flextime is system that can help mortgage brokers who are full time employees to schedule their programme that allows them to choose their starting time and finishing time daily, so long as they complete the stipulated number of hours. It will enable mortgage broker to meet their personal responsibilities, e.g. they can attend to their families. Arrangement like this help mortgage brokers to balance between personal live and work, thereby increasing their productivity and motivation. It is important for mortgage brokers to note that, efficient time keeping is essential in implementation of flexi-time and should not compromise organizations’ goals.

Remote working is an arrangement that allows mortgage brokers to carry out their work at any location away from the conventional office, either at home, neighborhood work centers or satellite offices. The benefit of remote working for mortgage brokers includes allowing them to combine work and personal responsibilities, increase productivity as brokers are not susceptible to distractions of office gossip and politics, high energy level to work due to reduced travelling to and from work and can also save office space and associated costs. To implement remote working environment there must be efficient access to resource (document, database) and well communication for technical support.

Compressed work week is flexible option where mortgage broker can work his/her full time hours (such as 50 hours) in fewer than 5 days per week. The standard work for a week is compressed into fewer than five days thereby allowing brokers to enjoy extra days off from work.

Job Sharing for Mortgage Brokers

Job sharing is an arrangement where voluntarily the duties and responsibilities of one job are shared by two or more mortgage brokers. This can help mortgage to tap wider range of skills and experience in achieving their target. The arrangement support pool of ideas when convincing clients as well as it offer the opportunity to learn from each other. Job sharing provides coverage of duties to one partner when other is sick or in vocation. This can only be achieved if the client is comfortable with the arrangement and there is a better communication between the two brokers and the client.

Part-time worker is where mortgage brokers work less than the full ordinary weekly or monthly hours. This enables organization to retain and value brokers who are unable to continue working full time due to personal circumstances. It reduces brokers’ absenteeism as it allows better management of their work and other commitment such as study or personal interests. It is important to develop communication strategy and consult extensively before implementing this arrangement.


With rise in internet, it seems that flexible work programs will continue to be used more frequently. Creating flexible work program which are suitable will continue to be implemented to attract and retain valued mortgage brokers. It is therefore important for organization to realize that work-life balance is becoming a concern and implementing of flexible work arrangement is important to effectively meet objective of attracting, motivating and retaining mortgage brokers.