Benefits of Structured Workplace Learning For Employers and Students

Senior carpenter with two learners

Structured Workplace Learning is a type of training program that gives students the opportunity to develop their work skills and comprehend employer expectations. Students are expected to learn a set of competencies that are related to a course accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority or the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority and undertaken as part of wither the VCAL or VCE.

In this post, we are going to take a closer look at the benefits of Structured Workplace Learning for both students and employers:

Structured Workplace Learning Benefits for Students:

Career Opportunities

The greatest thing about SWL is that it is a real job and not just a training program. So, students get to experience what it is like to actually go to work. Also, once done with the program, students can get an apprenticeship, thus opening up great opportunities for the future.

This makes it different to an external training course that a student could complete outside of the workplace.

Experience and Skills

Students gain valuable workplace and industry specific skills as well as experience in the type of jobs they are interested in.

Tasks and Time Management

In SWL, students are given a set of tasks that they will need to complete during their time in the program. This teaches them about time management, responsibility. The tasks are usually logged and signed off on by the employers, meaning the students will have a record of the tasks that they have learned during the program.

Structured Workplace Learning Benefits for Employers:

Enthusiastic Workers

Students at this point have already shown an interest in the type of role that they will be given. That means they are keen to learn and have a continuous interest in the kind of responsibilities that will be assigned to them. The employers can play a key role in shaping the career of the students.

Staff Involvement

Structured workplace learning presents an excellent opportunity for different members of the company to become involved in the program by supervising. If certain employees have not been in a supervisory role before, this program can be a source of valuable experience in what it is like to manage or supervise staff.

Low-Cost Workers

Since students get paid much less than regular staff, employees benefit by having enthusiastic, ready to work low-cost employees.

Peace of Mind

Employers can approach the program in the same manner they would when employing new staff members for permanent positions, and that includes the interview process. This ensures that the student is an ideal fit for the business.

Future Employee Opportunities

Once the students are done with the program, it is usually an easy transition to traineeship or apprenticeship. If this is something an employer is looking for within the company, then it’s an excellent way to test the waters. That’s because they will be able to see the student at work and determine whether they are suitable for a certain position in the company.

Continuous Support

The employers will have ongoing and invaluable support from the Local Education Network, School institutions, and even parents. These parties will be there to guide and answer any questions the employers may have so that the program gives valuable and positive results for all.